Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server allows you to organize your movies, TV shows, pictures, and other media in a way that will allow you to view and access that media in a Netflix-style experience.

The cost of installing and setting up a server with Plex costs nothing because Plex Media Server can be downloaded and installed for free.

Depending on what devices you would like to view your media with, there could be a cost to a client, however, many clients have free Plex client software.

Plex Media Server supports various operating systems and devices:

While the above list does include a router and NAS devices, I highly recommend that you use a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) instead of either a router or NAS. The reason for this is most routers and NAS devices aren't powerful enough to stream media if the media needs to be transcoded


Since Plex can run under multiple systems, and these systems do share the same functionality, all topics within this topic are divide into several sub-topics. These sub-topics include the following:

Topics that are related to Plex Media Server that aren't dependent on a particular operating system are discussed in this section. Usually the topics are specific to Plex as a whole, such as the configuration of Plex or discussions on media files.
All topics in this section are specific to Microsoft Windows. Such topics include the installation of Plex and setting up Plex as a service on Windows.