Plexopedia: Get Your Plex Media Server Running

I have been managing my Plex server for over seven years and during that time I have learned what works and what doesn't work with streaming my media. I have documented and will continue to document, what I have learned over the years while using Plex on my Windows server.

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Where to go next?

I have broken this site down into various sections to make consuming and maintaining, the information easier. The main sections are listed below to help you determine where you would like to go.

General information
Looking to learn about Plex Media Server? Check out guides on naming and organizing your media files, how Plex streams your media, and even how to rip your movies to Plex.
Plex on Windows
My Plex server is on Windows, so you will find guides on installing Plex, backing up your Plex data, and also running Plex as a Windows service.
Plex API
Plex Media Server has an API that you can use to gather useful information about your Plex server. Find out what API commands are available to help manage your Plex server.
Plex for Android
Would you like to stream Plex on your Android device? You can find guides on streaming using the Android app here.
Plex App on Windows
While you can use a Web browser to stream Plex, you will have a much better experience using the Plex App on Windows. Check out some guides here.

About the content

The content of this site will be ever-evolving as Plex continues to change and I discover new features and new issues. As the content on this site changes, I will continue to follow three basic rules that will help govern this site:

Rule 1

I will discuss what I have learned. This will include what worked for me and what didn't work. I am hoping this will help you avoid any pitfalls I encountered while setting up and maintaining my Plex server.

Rule 2

In addition to the first point, I will try to resolve technical issues that I have either encountered myself or others have encountered. Be advised, however, that I cannot provide direct tech support for issues you may experience. The best place for that is the Plex forums.

Rule 3

Piracy will not be discussed or encouraged. My Plex server doesn't contain any content that I downloaded illegally online, so any discussion regarding such material will be prohibited.

With over 16 million active Plex users, there will be not shortage of information to learn from through various channels online, that I can eventually add to my site for future reference.