What is Plex Pass?

Plex Pass is the subscription service associated with Plex and can be purchased as either a monthly, annually, or lifetime subscription. The price of a subscription is dependent on where you live, so the cost of a subscription will be different depending on the currency of the country you live in.

One question frequently asked is about what do you get with a Plex Pass - what additional benefits does Plex Pass offer compared to just using Plex without a subscription. There are many features offered with a Plex Pass, but it all depends on how you stream your media.

What is Plex Pass?

Plex Pass subscription features

Below is a list of the features included with a Plex Pass subscription.

Hardware transcoding
This is a popular feature as it allows you to use the dedicated video hardware in your Plex server to encode/decode HD and 4K videos to provide a more smooth stream to devices.
Advanced features
Additional features include sharing restrictions and allowing access to some premium features for shared users.
Set max upload bandwidth
To ensure the best possible streaming experience over the Internet, you can set max upload bandwidth cap so a single stream doesn't use up all your upload bandwidth.
Dash Control
A dashboard showing you how your server is performing from a desktop or using the Plex Dash mobile application.
4K support (movie and TV)
Watch 4K content on any supported device.
Download and sync
Download your movies, TV shows, music, and photos to your mobile devices so you can view the content offline while on the go.
Stream free movie and TV content (movie and TV)
High-quality free movie and TV content from Plex in HD 1080p with 5.1 audio.
Skip intro (TV)
Just like popular streaming platforms, you can skip the introduction to TV shows.
Watch and record live broadcast TV - news and sports - on your device. An antenna, tuner, and a Plex Pass are required.
Plexamp (music)
A mobile app that can play your music offline anywhere.
Lyrics (music)
Get the lyrics to your songs, when available.
Additional music features (music)
Enhanced listening with visualizers, fades, and loudness leveling.
Tidal subscription discount (music)
Get a HiFi or Premium TIDAL subscription for $1 less.

In addition to the above features, one reason many people choose to purchase a Plex Pass subscription is to support the ongoing development of Plex so more features can be added and current bugs can be fixed.