Check for Updates

Plex Media Server is regularly updated and it is important to keep a Plex server as up-to-date as possible. This API command will check for the latest update and download the update if specified.


PUT http://[IP address]:32400/updater/check?download=[Download]&X-Plex-Token=[PlexToken]


IP addressThe IP address of the Plex Media server.
PlexTokenThe authentication Plex token.
Download(Optional) This parameter is an integer value that indicates whether the update should be downloaded. Setting the parameter to 1 will download the update, or 0 won't download the update.

Return Status

HTTP CodeDescription
200Success - The request was successful.
400Bad Request - A parameter was not specified or the value was not valid.
401Unauthorized - The Plex token provided was not valid.


There is no response except for the status code of 200. If the parameter to download the update was set to 1, then the latest update will be downloaded.


curl -X PUT http://[IP address]:32400/updater/check?download=[Download]&X-Plex-Token=[PlexToken]
import requests
plex_url = http://[IP address]:32400/updater/check?download=[Download]&X-Plex-Token=[PlexToken]
response = requests.put(plex_url)
$response = Invoke-RestMethod 'http://[IP address]:32400/updater/check?download=[Download]&X-Plex-Token=[PlexToken]' -Method 'PUT'
Write-Output $response